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Casa da Tia Cida

The name already explains what this accommodation is all about, "Aunty Cida's house", will make you feel like part of the family!
An exclusive nook with only 5 suites, this accommodation offers a family atmosphere, quiet and cozy, perfect to relax after a long day at the beach or after the bustle of the bars of Lagoa da Conceição.

Cida's house has been always full of relatives, seeking for her affectionate personality and her relaxing place near the beach, so Gianne (Cida's middle child) had the idea to ​​build an accommodation above her mother's house to welcome the world travellers as well.
Cida is full of compassion, affection and love. She is married to José Agostinho for 41 years, mother of 3 (Jeferson, Gianne and Mariana) and grandmother of 3 (Jeferson Filho, Victoria and Odin). Cida loves her culture and she is passionate about her family, cooking, traveling and making new friends!

Casa da Tia Cida is unique and offers the opportunity to know the island through Cida's family's, people who were born and raised in Florianópolis and who will show you not only touristic attractions but also another beautiful side of the island known by the locals only!